Saturday, August 05, 2006

The mysterious falcon fins

First, let me start out by saying that my upper hull is officially complete. Rob pointed out a part that I had forgotten to glue to my hull that was still on my 'A' parts tree. Thanks! And a fellow RPF member (toddski) inspired this next improvement. The rear access port, or mandible pit on the right side of the upper hull is missing two detail pieces (seen reproduced here in white resin).I molded them from elsewhere on the upper hull, cast them up, and while they were still warm I curved them to fit the mandible pit. Below is what it looks like re-installed with the parts primered.
The under side of the Millennium Falcon had two fins located on the raised landing gear area aft of the gun turret. They were thin strips that had angled ends toed in towards the turret. I say "had" because these fins no longer exist on the studio model. They have fallen off, or have been broken off since the filming of the original trilogy.
Current photos of the screen used model do reveal the parts' attachment points. Some old glue residue and the lack of paint where tell the story. Using photos of the original and the MR lower hull, I was able to attach my fins properly.
Here is another photo that better illustrates the fin placement.
There's only some minor details to be added to the gun turret disc for the lower hull. I plan to move on to attaching the hull sidewalls next. Wish me luck.


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