Monday, July 24, 2006

Comic-Con = inspiration.

Comic-Con was great. I spent most of my time at the MR booth looking at the studio scale Falcon replica they had on display. It looks very nice. They certainly captured the studio look with this replica. If all the production copies sold to consumers match the accuracy of the paint work, this will surely be their most impressive offering (so far).

In my quest to complete the upper hull, I have decided to cut out the notches where the front plating meets the mandibles. I've also taken an x-acto razor saw blade and created a small undercut like the real model. It's subtle and this angle doesn't show it off. I'll take another one after I spray the primer.
I wasn't happy with the detail level of that large damage scar on the lower hull. So, I went back and re-worked it. It wasn't quite long enough, not wide enough at the center, the edges didn't have the right look, and the trench was too smooth.
I went around the lower gun turret taper with small sheet styrene details. They are pretty close from what little reference I have. I will admit that they are not 100% correct.
Minor side note: After seeing their engine glow of the MR Falcon in person, I am debating my LED color choice. I think I will order up some cool white LEDs and test those as well.


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Looking good!

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