Saturday, July 15, 2006

Low blow

I'm almost done with the lower hull. The damage is done. I used a dremel with a small triangular shaped grinding bit to get the big gash started. I used the heated ball-end tool technique described in my first damage post to finesse the scar. It should look great when painted.
I also took on the tedious task of completing all the mandible pit pipes on the lower hull last night. This morning I went back and did some filling and sanding to clean them up a bit.In front of the gun turret sidewall, I noticed some pipes were missing connecting the greeblies to the jawbox. A few bends in a simple 1/32" brass rod completed the look. Also missing here (but not pictured) are some pipe-like brackets going from the turret taper to the jawbox. I have to taper the turret sidewall before that can happen.


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