Saturday, June 24, 2006


Today I got together with Rob and did some garage building. He has been working on improving the raised t-track ribbing on the angled sides of the escape pod walkways. His escape pods are getting a taper upgrade, and his rear engine exhaust deck is getting populated with parts. I started with drilling holes for the headlight LED leads. A good size hole was needed to allow the leads to bend to the side and get around the internal post used by the screw. And while my sidewalls are not glued on, it was a chance to power up the LED for a sneak peak at the effect.
Moving along, it was time to get serious with cosmetics. When I look at the front of the jaw box on the Fine Molds kit, it's missing something. Some very important detailing that adds a ton of character to the nose of the ship. I'm surprised because it could have been molded into their master. I recreated the shapes with the smallest gauge steel wire from the hobby bent and glued in place.
After that, I pulled a tiny mold off of one of the A15 parts on top of the jaw box because I noticed the studio model had one left of the narrow "V" shaped piping at the front of the jaw box. We cast up an extra for each of us.Tonight, I'm finishing up some replacement parts. If you look at the photo above, you can see the emaciated cylindrical thing where the lower edge of the jaw box meets the hull. Look harder, it's tiny. Rob came to the rescue with some styrene half tubing that looked the part. Some dremel work, a little sand paper finesse, and bondo filler means new parts for everyone! Ok, just us.


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