Friday, June 16, 2006

Some cutting edge stuff.

After looking at some more reference, I found that the hull plating around the recessed ports are also notched (with the exception of the round ports on the mandibles). So I decided to replicate this on my kit. This time I couldn't use the micro file so I used my x-acto knife to quickly cut out the box shapes. This really creates a nice effect.
After figuring out how I'm going to mount the PE grills to the exterior exhaust port housings, I cut them out and thought it would be nice to see them in place for the first time. A lot of dremel work will be needed to get the grills to mount from the underside properly. It will be worth it.
Last but not least, my tiny magnets came in last night. I should be able to start installing them this weekend. Look for a pretty big update on Sunday.


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