Thursday, June 08, 2006

Let me see your grill.

Last night I received my MMI photo etched (PE from now on) grill set for the Fine Molds Falcon from starship modeler. Inlcuded are six large engine exhaust port grills and three small grills for the walkways over the escape pod areas. These are very high quality PE brass parts that are sharper than I imagined they could be. The resin fan-like inserts are very crisp and appear to have been pressure or vacuum cast in a quality white resin. No bubbles are present and they should look great installed.I am really impressed with these parts. If I had to criticize one thing, I might say that the thicker bars are too thick in proportion to the thin ones. However, this may have been necessary to give these parts some strength. I am very interested in doing some photo etching of my own now.


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