Monday, June 05, 2006


Here's an LED tester I made after reading an article on starship modeler. It's basically a 9V battery connector with a 470 ohm resistor soldered into the positive wire. I also soldered on some testing clips so that I could quickly and easily attach the device to various LEDs. A little heat shrink tubing and you have a nice little tool that won't overdrive your LEDs.The illuminated LED in the photo above is a "Yellowglo" 3mm LED by Miniatronics. Basically, it's a white LED that has a warm incandescent glow to it. It feels very much like a bright light bulb. I got some of these for another project but thought they could work well for the headlights on the falcon since they most likely used incandescent bulbs on the studio model. Now I have to place an order for a bunch of blue LEDs.


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