Friday, June 09, 2006

Guns guns guns!

The top and bottom guns are finished. I plan on displaying my falcon like the ILM studio scale model that has a rod supporting the ship through the lower gun port. So, I probably will never use one of these guns, but I built it and will paint it just in case. Construction note: I used superglue to bond the 'Y' shaped piece the gun pivots on to the large base piece for strength.Here's how the ship looks today. The hull side wall details are not glued on. I put them on temporarily for this progress photo. Some of the parts are primered, most are not.
Next up on my list of things to do is the radar dish. Then, I'll add the pipe/hose pieces to the hull and fill in their gaps. I forgot to notch the armor plates in the upper hull! The gun ports need to be completed...and there's still the matter of lighting keeping me from final assembly. I need to get my lighting circuit worked out.


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