Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Unlearn what you have learned.

Fine Molds tried to pull a fast one on us. I actually realized this had to be corrected right after I did it, but I put it off until now. The instructions have you add little flap-like pieces to complete the ones on the outside edge of the hull. Below is an example (upper hull pictured):
The studio 32" model did not have these. There was just a nice smooth ledge all the way around. So I had to pop all of them off. Now this wasn't easy as some of them were really melted on from the plastic weld glue. Once they were off, two holes per flap needed to be filled. Finally, after some sanding and a shot of primer, it should look like this (lower hull pictured):
I also completed the piping on the rear engine deck. You can see I added the 'V' shaped pipes to the left and right of the pipes completed in the previous update. There are actually a couple more tiny pipes I'll add but they lean up on the exhaust port housings, so I need to wait until those are glued down.
Both sides of the rear deck also have these little boxes next to the part that looks like a subwoofer. I made these with some thick sheet styrene. It's difficult to see, but I beveled the upper edges a tiny bit with sand paper.
Work has finally shifted to the lower hull to get that wrapped up. I need to get this kit ready for paint soon or I will lose my mind.


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