Monday, June 26, 2006

Trivial pursuits.

I'm halfway through replacing these little ribbed details on the pod walkways with t-track. The process goes something like this: cut molded ridge off with a sharp blade, sand down flush with plating, cut new t-track to length, glue to hull, cut top at proper angle.
From this angle, you can see how the top edge is angled to be level or parallel with the top surface of the walkways. You can also see on the left the stock molded in detail and on the right the completed t-track modification. This is a subtle improvement, but it is noticeable because of the more pronounced "T" shape.I took some time to finish the last of the damage on the upper hull. I wanted to include the little dents and dings that are barely visible where the hull paint is chipped away. I think these marks will help sell the damage that is primarily a paint effect on the finished model.
Here you can see I've added some more tiny impressions for the damage where the front edge of the hull meets the mandible next to the jaw box. You may also notice that I've replaced the undersized tapered cylinders at this point with larger scratch built ones (thanks for the help Rob) as I mentioned in the previous post.
Next up on the list is to correct the taper on the sidewalls of the gun turrets, drill out my engine exhaust housings for the PE grills, then I'm going to do a few quick fixes on the lower hull.


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