Monday, July 03, 2006

Tapering the turret sidewalls: Part II

Sunday morning I packed up the falcon and headed over to meet Rob. We were both at the point where recreating the greeblies on the sidewall of the newly tapered turret was on our list of to-do's. I have to say that this was some tedious work. I went through many failed scratch built parts trying to match our reference photos. These details are tiny. Pictured below is my completed taper with the details added. You might notice that I recreated the dents and dings in the putty surface like the ILM model. Insanity!
With that out of the way and the t-track for the upper hull completed, it was finally time to spray some primer. I really look forward to this step because it brings all the parts together. I've started detailing the upper turret plate with missing styrene squares. That's why it wasn't primed and little white blocks are starting to appear.
It's also good to take a few steps back and see how the modifications work with the rest of the ship as a whole. Yes, things are starting to look more correct now.


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