Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Still building the falcon...

This week has been very busy and hectic and so the model building took a back seat to other obligations. However, I thought I should post photos of the upper hull front plate notching that was completed and coated in primer. I really like the additional lighting/shadow detail these create. Here's one side:And the other side:
I made the executive decision not to go with the PE brass grills and internal detailing. Despite how cool it looks, it really makes the rear deck look too different from the shooting miniature in my opinion. I really agonized over this decision for a few weeks and held off from working on the rear deck exhaust ports. However, I've gone forward and just need to glue on the 4 remaining missing bits of pipe leaning up on the port housings.
At least the above shot shows you how the extra detailing (ovals, piping, styrene squares, etc.) looks when the grey primer unifies all of the components. As a side note, I am really itching to get to painting the hull. This is where patience really comes in to play. I know there are things I need to do that will improve the finished product before I can paint. The more the falcon starts to look complete the harder it gets.


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