Monday, February 19, 2007

Hull of a day

I had a pretty productive day. The quadrant with the radar dish got a lot of attention as did the two escape pod walkways. I had a real good time weathering these parts. I brought out the airbrush and the Tamiya Neutral Gray to darken the turret sidewalls, back end of the jawbox, and a few areas with blast damage. I really like this photo:
This angle shows off the radar dish quadrant of the hull and a good look at the blast holes I cut into the hull. Still missing from the finish is the spatter/speckle pass. I want to get the upper hull completely weathered with paint/pastels so that I can apply the spatter for the top all at once. When the final coat of clear (Testors Dullcote) gets applied, I will call the finish complete.
Many images of the same area from different angles are required to do a thorough recreation of the weathering on this ship. Rob is starting to archive all the print-outs we've accumulated over the course of this project into a 3-ring binder. I will have to take a photo of that next time as it is an impressive volume.


Blogger Eduardo Kikuta said...

Hi Jan
I always visit your site, I'm also building a FM Falcon - not as great as yours. I will put some lights on mine.
Would you mind to talk us about the Falcon's pipes? How did you deal with the tubing in the model? Just putty or any other trick?
Keep up on your amazing Falcon!!!

Milton, from Brazil

4:33 PM  
Blogger gabeg said...

Looks so good. I'm having a lot of trouble getting the streaks right on mine. What's your secret?



5:00 AM  
Blogger Dana Jan said...

Thanks for the kind remarks, I appreciate the comments and hope I can answer your questions.
For the pipes, I used the plastic weld glue to attach them, in most cases they fit well and required little putty (sometimes none was needed). A light sanding to clean up the putty was easy to finish them up.
I will post my next update with a step-by-step on the streaks. I just realized that I didn't really show how I'm doing it. I'll give the secret in the next update!


7:30 PM  
Blogger Andrew Glazebrook said...

Awesome work on this model !!!

2:23 AM  
Blogger kanishk said...

How did you deal with the tubing in the model? Just putty or any other trick?
Keep up on your amazing Falcon!!!

Work from home India

5:46 AM  

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