Monday, September 18, 2006

The mystery piece

Sunday was a good day for the falcon. I swung by Rob's place and started working on the 'mystery piece'. At least that's what I'm calling it. There is a small trapezoid shaped plate in front of the gun turret on the upper hull. I built this out of styrene sheet cut to size and then drilled the two holes out with a pin vise. It was then primed, painted, and glued on.
I painted the six large engine exhaust grills on the rear deck (as well as the three other grills on the escape pod walkways) with Tamiya German Grey. This color is dark but not black and has a tiny hint of blue in it. You can still make out the grill details with this color. Painting them was difficult because I had already glued the grills to their housings. I carefully painted the edges with a brush then filled in the centers and blended to the edge with the airbrush.
Here's some more missing pieces I added to the ship. On the lower hull jawbox, the studio model has what appears to be a piece of t-track with a flat strip of plastic running along the bottom edge.
At first I considered this pretty minor because it's on the under side of the ship. However, when viewing the front of the ship, the extra raised strip and the 't' cross section definitely change the silhouette of the lower jawbox. I masked off these new details and base coated the new details.
The last thing I did was to spray the pits of the lower hull with the same Medium Grey paint I used on the upper hull. No photo of that for now. The painting of the grills definately made the ship feel more like the falcon for me. I'll have to take a photo with all the parts in place for my next update. I believe I am about ready to begin the next phase of the paintjob...weathering.


Blogger Bruce said...

Hi Dana:

Just wanted to say that I've really been enjoying your blogs. Had a question about the method you're using to attach pieces that have been primed and painted. Do you CA them in place or do you clean up the contact points and use a plastic solvent?


2:03 PM  
Blogger Dana Jan said...

Hi Bruce,
Thank you very much! In answer to your question, I cleanup the contact points first. I never trust glue on paint :)


4:21 PM  

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