Thursday, September 07, 2006

Punctuation is important.

Last night I decided to sit at my computer, pour over reference photos, and draw the little tiny lines and dots on the lower hull. I used one of those fine tipped Gundam markers (kit builders use these to draw in the panel lines on mechs I believe). It took a good amount of time to be as accurate as possible. I started on the bottom so I could get a good system down before approaching the upper hull which will be seen more on the finished model.
Here's a closer look at what these markings look like. There are hundreds of little lines and dots just drawn on the surface of the hull. I chose to do these before weathering so that the dirt and damage will make these appear less 'new'.
I dug up these photos of masking the lower hull panels. I use good old 3M painters masking tape (low tack) and cut it to small piece to form shapes around areas I want to airbrush. I write the colors to paint on the tape so I know what goes where.
Here's another shot of the lower hull back end. It looks more complicated than it really is, but that's because I try to mask as many panels as possible at once.
Finally, I made a small collage of a selection of additional bits and missing details discovered and corrected on Monday. Some are not pictured here (perhaps later) while a few others still need to be corrected. I know, it seems a little late in the game to change things, but I would rather nail them before this thing goes in a display case.
Above you can see a little cylinder shaped thing sticking out of the side of that greebly branching the upper hull and mandible. Next is a small detail with a wire on one of the escape pod walkways. The opposite walkway now sports two little curved bits that cover the rails near the small grill. And the rear engine deck receives complicated three-tiered wedge piece on both sides. After I built these additional pieces, I attached them, masked around them, and sprayed them with base coat.


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