Saturday, September 02, 2006

Shades of gray

Today I took on the task of masking and painting all of the various dark gray panels on the upper hull. The lighter, bluer, panels from the turret forward are tricky. I started with a mix of Light Grey, Flat White, and touch of Medium Blue. Then for the side of the jawbox and the top of the turret I darkened the mix a bit.
For the darkest ones, I chose Neutral Grey. I sprayed this on some of the engine flaps and the escape pod walkway opposite the cockpit. Next up was Light Grey which in reality was just a shade lighter than Neutral. I used this on the other dark fins (doesn't show in the photo) and one panel next to the escape pod walkway.
Next I'll give the cockpit walkway and the lower hull the same treatment. Then I need to start mixing the red.


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