Monday, January 22, 2007

Year of the Falcon

Welcome back. I've been away from the falcon project for a good month and it feels really good to get back into it. I've been working on the cockpit lately and it has been really fun. Here is a photo of the front seats all painted up.
To paint these, I wrapped a popsicle stick with blue painters tape (inside out) and then pressed the seats down on it firmly. For the front leather seats, I mixed a brown base color of raw sienna and yellow oxide and airbrushed it on. I aged the leather with pastels in passes or burnt sienna and raw umber. Next, I worked on the back seats:
I used the same method to secure these to a stick for painting. I mixed a dark grey base coat and applied it via the airbrush. Unbleached titanium was used to create the light pads of the seat. Again, pastels were used to give the seats the worn look.
Above you can see how the front end turned out. I took a break from the hull weathering after getting the left mandible and jawbox area completed. It's fun but I needed a break from it. I'll move on to the quadrant with the radar dish mount next. Then I can add some last minute airbrushing/spattering and call the front half (of the upper hull) finished.


Blogger NLC-Rasta said...

WOW!... welcome back... i've been keeping track of your "Falcons" progress since day one and i have to say its a damn fine piece of work, awesome =)

3:10 PM  

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