Monday, November 27, 2006

Like an old friend

After a long break from the FM kit (due to real world work), I finished the underside of the cockpit walkway. Weathering this piece was fun. There are some interesting colors, rust, the damaged corner, some greeblies, and another instance of the modeler's name that appears on the upper half of the walkway. I am definately getting faster at this pastel technique.I'm re-mastering the dish on this falcon. Fine Molds made theirs beautifully detailed but noticeably undersized (about 1/4 inch in diameter too small). The ERTL/AMT kits had an oversized dish (about 1/4" too large). I've decided to trim down an ERTL, shave off all the inaccurate details and start with a fresh blank in the correct scale. Below is an early progress shot:
I'm going to move on to weathering the hull while I work on the new dish. I should be able to make a large impact on the overall ship by banging out a few quadrants of the upper hull. I'll be back...